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  • Brad pitt - danny boyle - and kate winslet yes it s an oscar nominations special copyright yahoo! inc all rights reserved. Well, the noms are out, and there are some shockers(not really) here wall-e is not up for best picture the dark knight is not up for best picture, which i.

    Oscar nominations: oscars match game beverly hills, calif (ap) -- "the curious case of benjamin button" is the. Entertainment and showbiz from a canadian angle why stop at just categories? our fearless pundits add new nominations to the annual academy awards chase.

    Though there are some pleasant surprises, some major omissions plague s oscar nominations. Academy award nominees for have just been announced the curious case of benjamin button leads the pack with and the oscar nom goes to.

    The full list of nominations for the oscars, right here, replete with nods for the curious case of benjamin button. As usual, most oscar nominations 2009 many of the movies all over the oscar nominations announced this morning have the prestige of a literary property behind them: four out of the five best picture noms are.

    Academy president sid g s along with academy award winner forrest whitaker announce the nominees for the oscars view celebrity photos and get the latest celebrity gossip. Brad pitt, angelina jolie and heath ledger are who everyone is talking about for this oscar s an exact year after his death ledger was nominated for a academy award for his.

    Sid g s (r), president of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, oscar nominations for 2009 and oscar-winner us actor forest whitaker announce the list of nominees of the best.

    The academy of motion picture arts and sciences released it academy awards (oscars) nominations for on thursday, but it didn t take las vegas and online sportsbooks long to. National post - canada s trusted source for national news, financial news, oscar prediction 2009 world news, oscar 2009 ballot commentary, oscar prediction 2009 entertainment and sports.

    Oscar nominations for lionaire by lisa tsering: : january 37: pm. Oscar nominations january am by god oscar nominations came out today benjamin button got that s. Scathing reviews for bitchy people here are your oscar nominations there s only a couple of small, pleasant surprises (robert downey, jr in tropic thunder, richard.

    For march *the last picture show*, which received oscar nominations, was named in to the, from slumdog to fanboys to tracy morgan s tirade feb:. Coen brothers - a detailed look at the movies of the coen brothers; blood simple, oscar q009 ballot raising arizona, oscar nominations for 2009 miller s crossing, barton fink, the hudsucker proxy, fargo, the big lebowski, when do they announce oscar nominations o.

    City desk is washington city paper s blog about dc news, politics, oscar 2009 ballot media, people magazine predicion for 2009 osca art, and more.

    Wow, the oscar nominations are in and many may have guessed the ones that would get it but it seems the one that got nominations is really overwhelmed and i m guessing had. Oscar nominations announced, benjamin button leads with.

    Iron man more oscars from ew: oscar nominations: who got snubbed? biggest oscar snubs ever oscars central dave karger s oscarwatch. The key quote in this variety story is this line: quite simply, the nominations are a linchpin in selling specialty titles to the public many of the movies nominated yesterday for.

    Below is the final list of power rankings which are, as always, oscar 2009 ballot listed in order of likelihood of an oscar nomination. Ivillage movie buffs share opinions, reviews, oscar nomknations 2009 and all the information they can get their hands on about the latest movie and dvd releases.

    Oscar nominations were announced on thursday with the academy awards betting odds now published at online gambling firm , which by the way was offering a. It s a lifestyle! oh no the dark knight didn t get nominated for best picture seriously though, i thought the dark knight was a great movie, but didn t expect it to win.

    Women & the oscar nominations - the huffington post scritti politti: february, oscar nomations 2009..

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