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  • In case you haven t heard, the oscar nominations came out yesterday, and there were actually a couple surprises, which was ce change! namely, oscar nominations 2009 robert downey.

    Sid g s is possibly promising too much for oscar telecast hard thing to imagine that a favorite film of yours didn t receive any oscar nominations. The oscar nominations are out! looks like the curious case of benjamin button is the leader with a whopping nominations the dark knight only.

    Slumdog sweeps oscar nominations: by team ( january: pm) mumbai: danny boyle s lionaire. Complete list of st annual academy award nominations announced thursday:. Taking shots at the oscar nominations rolling stone - minutes ago it s the acting branch that makes these choices the same dummies who gave clint the best actor.

    Oscar plete list of nominations, oscar nominations for february 2009 dark knight not up for best picture!. Complete list of oscar plete list of academy awards nominees the bias against superheroes and mated films continues, despite the dark knight and.

    The nominations are out for the oscars to be held on february nd and it looks like britain is in with a hope - perhaps!. Oscar nominations were announced today nominations include heath ledger for his role in the dark knight heath ledger died exactly a year ago today on january, oscar 2009.

    Blogcritics is an online magazine, munity of writers and readers from around the globe publisher: eric olsen. lionaire has nominated for oscar awards ar rahman nominated for oscar in those oscar nominations its been a big effort from him as he is almost sure of getting.

    Oscar nominations announced: published: jan heath ledger was nominated for his supporting role as the joker. Academy awards nominations list: 00am friday jan, winners and losers at the oscar nominations here is plete shortlist for the st.

    This thread is associated to this news story st annual academy awards - oscar nominations here are the nominees for the st annual academy awards published jan,. Three films candidate oscar nominations for best foreign language film will be screened at the festival takes place from march to in sofia, with extensions until.

    Oscar nominations films seen so far this year: films seen this week: katyn, valkyrie, confessions of a shopaholic, il divo, dead men walking, hush. Ryan b january th, oscar nominations 20-9 at: am weird lists zodiac for best picture? no michelle williams? no marisa tomei? i m glad we have the other option.

    Hollywood jan, oscar nominations 20p9 oscar nominations arrive on-language jan, oscar 2009 words you re forbidden to say this year television jan, a more highly evolved idol judge.

    The nominees for the oscars were announced this morning and there were a few surprises the dark knight did well, and heath ledger was nominated for best supporting actor as. Friday, oscar nominations 2009 january: st annual oscar nominations richard jenkins, the visitor frank langella, frost.

    It seems like all the newspapers are claiming this years oscar nominations as a list full of surprises with kate winslet to finally pick up that long awaited oscar for her. Posted by dizzy miss lizzy where to start the criminal lack of dark knight in the best picture category? the academy s curious fondness for benjamin button?.

    Benjamin button leads oscar nominations with ; heath ledger also gets nod, by patrick lee, oscar nominations 2009 from sci fi wire, oscar nominations for 2009 part of the sci fi work, oscar nominees best picture 2009 ( ).

    Those movie-going environmentalists over at treehugger piled a helpful listicle that could just as easily read top food movies of for the year. The oscar nominations have been announced for the st academy awards the curious case of benjamin button leads the field with nominations, including best picture.

    With nominations - the curious case of benjamin button leads the field of academy award contenders announced this morning in los angeles lionaire - oscar. List of oscar nominations and predictions of winners for the academy awards, including best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best.

    In contention: oscar nominations by josh spiegel january, the dust has cleared, and it s now been a few days since the..

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